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Ultimate 3-in-1 poultry management solution combining automated collection of key bird metrics, daily management recording & analysis and shed surveillance, all in one package.

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Visionary Poultry

Autonomous measurement and monitoring of behaviour, growth and welfare using computer vision and artificial intelligence. Keep track of bird centric metrics for smart poultry farming.

Visionary Surveillance

Real-time birds-eye view of your sheds to support remote management of your poultry farms. View on demand for the ultimate in reassurance when off site or to reduce shed entry.

Visionary Management

Digitised management recording at your fingertips. Allow intelligent features to auto-calculate KPI’s, trends and alerts from your daily data for faster identification of potential issues & reduced admin.

Complete Poultry Farm Management Software

The only FMS combining real time bird metrics, behaviour and input data to optimise performance and returns.

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Evaluate which behaviours impact KPI’s and your bottom line to inform changes to bird and shed management practices

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Use to support remote management of sites and sheds by being able to track daily data recordings and KPI’s whilst off site

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Record crop & input data directly into app and have KPI’s instantaneously updated for real-time crop performance tracking, anywhere, anytime

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Centralised data and information hub for benchmarking of sheds, crops and sites, whilst being able to export & share data as required

Computer vision & human vision working together.

Manually view live video and audio of the entire shed for your own observations & peace of mind.

For routine manual checks or for taking a wider view of an alert, the shed can be thoroughly scanned using a fully controllable pan tilt zoom camera accessible through the Visionary Poultry App.

Offering powerful 25x optical zoom and a 360-degree view, the system provides high-quality live video and audio, allowing for remote surveillance to minimize unnecessary shed entries.

Autonomously track bird behaviour, growth & welfare.

Extend your stockpersons eye’s across your sheds 24/7 through the application of artificial intelligence.

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Be alerted to undesirable behaviours in the shed as they happen for earlier issue resolution and happier birds.

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Automated weighing of birds 24/7. Measure 5-8000 birds everyday without human intervention

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Bring objectivity and consistency to bird measurements for improved bird performance and welfare.

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Directly align behaviours, growth, input use and KPI’s for the deepest understanding of bird performance and enable smart precision poultry farming.

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Powerful intelligence

from Edwina

Your AI Poultry Assistant

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I can help you by providing

you with early action prompts for faster speed of issue detection and resolution.

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I can provide you with a simple traffic light system to track & rank performance at shed and site level so you can allocate resources efficiently.

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Hi, I’m Edwina.

I constantly check all

your birds key metrics,

saving you the headache

of looking through

lots of data.

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I reduce your administration burden on farm by calculating KPI’s for you and sharing these with key stakeholders if requested.

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I work with you to help reduce human error to track and analyse key bird data improving welfare & performance.

Optimise bird behaviour &

welfare to maximise efficiency.

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Heat stress


Behaviours monitored

Receive real time notifications of behaviours which require attention.

Automatically monitor behaviour incidences and understand better the effects these have on bird weights.

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Save the back-ache with touchless weighing.

Eliminate the arduous task of weighing birds with camera based weighing. Capture bird weights all day, every day, and discover the true unbiased weight profile of your crop.

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Automated weighing of 5000+ birds per shed per day.

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Accurate weights from chick through to finish.

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10x more accurate than any other weighing method.

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Low error rate of 2.5%







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Evidence high welfare.

Use crop behaviour & weight profile information to help demonstrate effective bird management and prove high welfare standards.

Bird behaviour monitored 24/7. Receive alerts wherever you are and take action as required to maximise bird welfare.

Track bird numbers and their weights for automated stocking density reporting & alerts.

Monitor & measure bird mortality for changes in trends on any shed or any site.

Automatically track behaviour incidence & weight data to support continual improvement of bird management.

Simple, self installation.

Robust, affordable hardware that can be retro-fitted to any shed & stay in place during washdown.

A typical installation would include 5 ceiling mounted cameras and a Pondus control box per shed, hardwired together with data cable.

Connect to a wired internet and a power source, then link sheds to scale system to suit any size site.

Watch to see how a typical installation would look.

Pondus Films

System Animation

Company Overview

Pondus Hardware

Visionary Poultry App

Ultimate 3-in-1

Poultry Management Solution

Visionary Poultry

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Autonomous bird weighing

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Real time behaviour alerts

Early huddling detection

Early heat stress detection

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Green Tick

Smart bird migration monitoring

Feeder & drinker engagement

State of the art computer vision and AI technology

Visionary Surveillance

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High quality full shed video

Fully controllable PTZ camera

In shed real time audio

Powerful 25x optical zoom

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In app viewing from smart phone

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360 degree full shed view

Visionary Management

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Comprehensive poultry farm management software.

Auto track KPI’s and Performance benchmarking

Convenient app based input and viewing

Fully electronic data records, exportable & shareable

Intelligent AI assistant

Smart trend analysis correlated directly against bird metrics.

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“Installing Pondus Visionary Poultry has revolutionised my farm. With its automated monitoring, I effortlessly track behaviour, growth and welfare from my app. Every day I track the growth trend of my birds on the Pondus App. Any blip in the trend is an immediate indicator there could be an issue arising. It’s fantastic to be able to do this from anywhere, anytime. It really takes the pressure off.”

Broiler farmer, UK

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